Arancini Siciliani

Soak up the flavours of the South of Italy with these delicious Sicilianian favourites!

Arancini Siciliani: Originating in Sicily our Arancini are filled with a meaty ragu, tomato & mozzarella and come with a Bolognese dipping sauce. Our Vegetarian Arancini are stuffed with mushroom & spinach and are completed with a creamy bechamel dipping sauce. Nibble into our bite sized variety or be brave and take on our MEGA Arancini!

Peperonata alla Siciliana: A completely vegetarian dish containing sliced peppers that are slowly stewed with garlic and basil until tender and bursting with flavour. Our Peperonata can be enjoyed by itself or as an ideal accompaniment to our Cotalete di Polo (Chicken Schnitzel roll).

Cotalete di Polo della bella Sicilia: In this Sicilian take on a chicken schnitzel, juicy pieces of crumbed chicken tenders are cooked to a high heat in sunflower oil, ensuring a golden brown crust with a hearty crunch. Laced with aromatic rosemary and punchy garlic, this cotoletta di pollo is sure to be a Winter Night Market favourite.