New Orleans Gumbo Kitchen

Check out New Orleans Gumbo Kitchen by MJR TOM for these delicious Southern delights!

This years menu includes:

Mac’N’Cheese Croquettes (Vegetarian)

These delicate little flavor pocket rockets are bursting with 3 different types of cheese and topped with Cajun Parmesan salt.

Southern Fried Buttermilk Chicken (halal) (GF) 

This Southern American Winter warmer will have you coming back for more, with its crispy coating and secret Southern rub and spice mix.

Chicken + Vegetable Gumbo (halal)

Classic Southern heart warming hospitality in a bowl. Served with traditional steamed rice, and lots of napkins!

Seafood Gumbo 

This 18th century classic combination of prawns, mussels, pippies, shrimp, calamari, herbs and spices served with steamed rice.