Liam Bowditch

Liam Bowditch is an up and coming British solo artist. Through either being solo, fronting a rock band, producing various genres or doing session work; Liam has been active on the Australian music scene since 2013.

Born in Wales, United Kingdom; the musical passion started as early as he can remember. Listening to his parent’s early records and playing in the school brass band music became his primary interest. Picking up guitar at an early age, Liam met the drummer Joe MacPhail to begin his first musical project The Vultures. Recording demos and playing in a bedroom for the majority of high-school, they began to get serious with getting bass player and applying for the battle of the bands competition. After the first gig in early 2013, The Vultures took off into gaining thousands of social media followers, going on interstate tours and releasing music extensively. Amongst the excitement of The Vultures, Liam joined a side project vintage rock band The Van Bams; playing lead guitar and backing vocals. With the commitment to two rock bands, Liam spent the first year out of high school performing in these projects and also doing acoustic cover shows on the side.