The Furbelows

The Furbelows perform classic jazz standards with close vocal harmony and fiery gypsy guitars.
A combination of three-part close-harmony vocals and the hot swinging acoustic guitars of wartime Paris, they quickly developed a strong following based on their joyful, exuberant, and rollicking live performances.

The group take inspiration from many sources, but the leading lights that initially drew them to one another were the intricate vocal bands of the 1930s such as The Mills Brothers, The Andrews and Boswell sisters, and the fiery guitar work of the virtuoso French gypsy Django Reinhardt. These divergent styles share a common heritage in the turbulent years of the mid 20th Century, lifting audiences above their troubles and allowing them to escape into a world of bohemian decadence and highbrow sophistication. The Furbelows breathe new life into this music, with a vibrant, modern take that appeals to a broad, eclectic audience of all ages and backgrounds.

Set Times:
7:50pm to 8:30pm
9:00pm to 9:50pm