The Soup Factory

The Soup Factory offers a delightful selection of soups served inside freshly baked cob loaves. Take your pick from options like vegan lentil, Asian chicken and corn, potato and leek, or their renowned clam chowder.


Treat yourself to some Danish Donuts, a delightful blend between a traditional Danish Aebleskiver and a classic donut. Crispy and golden on the outside but deliciously soft and cake-like inside – get ready to taste the magic!

Gozleme Turkish Cafe

Serving thin, hand-rolled dough filled with a variety of delicious ingredients such as savoury spinach and feta, mouth-watering minced meat, or hearty mushrooms and cheese.

Lui Boss

At Lui Boss, you’ll find an array of authentic Korean street food that will surely satisfy your cravings. Indulge in their signature Korean crispy fried chicken, with soy garlic glaze, red-hot spicy or tangy wasabi onion. Irresistible corn dogs – crispy on the outside with a sweet and savoury cheese on the inside.


Savour a crowd favourite, Twistto potato! A golden spiral-cut potato, perfectly seasoned and irresistibly crispy. It’s an absolute must-try.

Churros Ole

Churros Ole Spanish Doughnuts will be serving delicious traditional churros. Think deep-fried churros with vanilla ice cream, topped with decadent dipping sauces and sprinkled with cinnamon or icing sugar.

Inkredible Calamari

You can’t go wrong with freshly cooked salt and pepper calamari cooked with Nonna’s secret recipe – it’s certainly a winter crowd-pleaser.  

Lunara Delights

Lunara Delights offers authentic Turkish Delight made here in Melbourne with locally sourced ingredients. The soft sugary treat is available in a range of premium flavours, from traditional rose, pomegranate and white rose, mango, lime, apple, strawberry and so much more.

Zuya African BBQ

Their delicious menu is complete with marinated meats cooked over a wood-fired grill, served over a bed of rice, or indulge in a Zuya bratwurst with chips.  

Son in Law

Son in Law make desserts almost too adorable to eat! Choose from a cartoon bao or a cloud-like serving of fluffy fairy floss, perfect for savouring as you explore the market